Daddy Dearest – I Now Understand

I now understand, you didn’t really understand the Truth about life. I now understand, you didn’t really understand that in burying your head, you were simply passing along your pain. I now understand, the bullets you shot weren’t directed at me. I now understand, the pain that you bore that made you a soul, who […]

My Notes for Absent Fathers

As that daughter of that absent father, I’d like to suggest there is always a chance you can make your “mis-takes” better. After all my years in these shoes it seems to me that it makes a difference that you try to make it right with your daughter, or with your son for that matter; […]

How I Learned to Feel About Father’s Day After Growing Up Without My Father

The most searing memories of my childhood are the many times my father promised to come for Christmas dinner but never did. My brother and I would fall asleep on the sofa waiting for his footsteps to come up the stairs of our apartment building. My father always seemed cool and collected. That’s why as […]

Decisions Decisions!

Despite all physical appearances, every human, shares approximately 99% of the same DNA. Science has clarified and confirmed there is no such thing as different “races” of humans. “Race” as we use the term today is a fictitious concept created by humans for the purpose of dividing and establishing superiority. It is just one of […]

What is in “all”?

It is always funny to see how we behave when we see the “first” of a particular group of humans do something. We act as though it was a complete impossibility—a huge surprise. Nothing is impossible for GEFS (God Force Energy Spirit).  Some of us have lived in this thinking for so long it makes […]

What Covid-19 Taught us

What the Corona Virus Taught us About Work We must have a reason for being, and our work is at the core of it. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 2-Stop the World:  I Want to Get Off!, Page 27  Book Link Usually, I write about finding our gifts, talents, skills, and abilities, and using them to make a difference […]

Who is Olivia Benson?

We now know physical appearance is a very small part of who we are, and quite to the contrary, the varia­tions are, in fact, something to be valued and cherished. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 8-Dividing and Conquering!, The Energy Can Go Either Way, Page 172, Book Link Life always gives us opportunities to see where we […]

Thank You, Laura Coriss!

If Anyone Knows Laura Coriss, Please Tell Her I Said Thank You! From growing up as a Catholic school girl in Panama, to being a Jehovah’s Witness, living in the inner city of Washington D.C., and attending a fundamentalist Christian high school in Florida, I had a perspective of the world as a child that […]