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As a child, I was puzzled by my relationship with my father and his absence in my life. It took many years and much soul-searching for me to understand my life and how profoundly his absence affected me. I finally solved the puzzle when I began to understand the nature of the Universe, GEFS—God, Energy, Force, Spirit—, and how my suffering could serve for Good in my life.

In For the Love of My Father I journey through some of my gut-wrenching childhood experiences that created a perfect storm of circumstances, leaving gaping holes in my Soul. I share the keys to my healing and discuss how important it is for women to heal themselves so they can take their rightful place in the world.

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How We Get There

It seems strange that many of us suffer a great deal and yet spend a lot of time and energy seeking to hide that fact. It is important to me to tell the truth about my experiences, from my perspective of course; and share how my Spiritual journey led me to healing. The bottom line is that if it was possible for me, it is possible for anyone seeking healing.

Many generations lived and died without even being able to speak about their issues and suffering. But today we have more opportunities to speak about our suffering and take steps to seek healing. My goal is to develop and provide resources and tools to help others make their way through some of the issues many of us face in the world today.
Despite the turmoil swirling around us it is an amazing time to be alive. We have options to speak about and to take steps to seek healing. Now more than ever before there are resources and tools available for healing whatever ails us. We just have to be willing to seek our healing and do the work.

Once we have a real understanding of our Spiritual identity, we will have a better understanding of life on the Planet. One of the keys is to understand that our childhood experiences and traumas can lead to transforming us into greater humans and guide us to our life purpose.


I drew inspiration for this book from thinking how different my life would have been if I had an opportunity to read a book like this. If someone had shared a different perspective about life and how things could be different. I thought about all the little girls just like me, who are simply lost without any explanation for their suffering. Then I thought about the Daddy’s who were absent and just don’t know what to do.


There are so many issues in the world which can cause us pain and suffering. This book addresses a little slice of one of them, fatherlessness. Ultimately, it all comes back to understanding the nature of the Universe, how we fit-in, and the purpose for our experiences.


The message of this book is very important and timely given the crisis of fatherlessness in the world. Healing Daddy issues is one of the critical things that can help women move forward.

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This is the moment

Change is Not Always Easy

It is an important moment because women are in a critical place as they take their rightful place at the table of world affairs. Most of us have many issues to address. Many women have this one. But it could lighten our load if we were willing to take the time to heal this one. This process is not always easy. . .

Things Buried Alive Never Die

Olivia S. Benson February 16, 2023 4:09 pm

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Olivia S. Benson March 8, 2023 1:50 pm

Ten Nuggets

This is a selection of thoughts from each Chapter to consider as you read them.

Chapter One: We live in a cause-and-effect Universe, and though many things that happen are inexplicable, there is Divine Order behind them.

Chapter Two: I don’t believe there is a spiritual path that doesn’t have forgiveness as a teaching.

Chapter Three: Not taking your father’s actions personally can help you heal.

Chapter Four: Finding answers always goes back to my understanding of GEFS and the Universe.

Chapter Five: Doesn’t it seem unusual to protect ourselves against an enemy who no longer exists or no longer has power over us?

Chapter Six: Additionally, it is known that after a generation of survivors experience trauma, they may transfer their trauma to their children and further generations of offspring via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms.

Chapter Seven: If you suffered experiences that created Daddy issues in you, the Good News is that just like any other challenge any other human faces, your Daddy issues are fixable. This issue is no different or worse than any other issue.

Chapter Eight: Fatherlessness is a very serious and growing issue.

Chapter Nine: Very significantly, I was able to show respect to him as a vessel through which I came into the world despite everything that had happened.

Chapter Ten: Eventually, this is what I got. I had to accept the circumstances I was delivered into. It didn’t matter why or how they had come to be and arguing against them made no sense because they were what they were.

I Remember You

Dedicated to my Niece Tiffany

In each lifetime we choose the games we’ll play before we come.

Pure wisdom is always present to guide the friends we make
and our path along the way.

Though time and life will dross create, it is good to have
someone who knew us before time begun,
and to say I know who you are, and I remember you.

Not the us eyes behold, but the real of us before this form.

The us of pure and gentle thought with possibilities unbound.

Olivia S. Benson