As you will notice when you read my books my life has been quite a challenging and unusual journey. Because of this I have always found myself on the outside of things and feeling very different. But eventually I learned the very things which made me feel different, were the ones that helped me become the person I am today. These experiences provided the fodder for my writing.

My stories are here to show you how it is possible for you to overcome your challenges. It seems so very important to share the things I’ve learned on my journey to allow others to know that despite how challenging life can be, there are ways of overcoming and healing from the biggest challenges and deepest wounds.

Everything is based on my understanding of life based on Spiritual principles. I suffered like most of us, until I came to understand myself as a Spiritual being and the purpose of life. Sometimes we spin our wheels for a long time, accumulate wealth, and become “important”. Despite any or all of these things, we usually only find real peace and close the circle of life when we come to a Spiritual understanding of it.

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About Me

I have been a student and practitioner of Metaphysics for over thirty years. I was a student of the Reverend Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin, the former President of Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc., and former Senior Minister of The Universal Truth Center for Better Living, Inc. I served as legal counsel to Reverend Dr. Tumpkin for both organizations for over ten years.

The challenges of my childhood, and my unique and diverse cultural and religious background forced me to be contemplative of life and its meaning, from an early age. I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness religion while attending Catholic schools. While still in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, I attended a conservative Christian High School. By the time I was 30, I sought to resolve the ironies and contradictions of life and to find answers beyond the things my religious upbringing had taught me. I have been a practicing attorney in Florida for more than thirty years; and graduated from the University of Miami Schools of Business and Law.

In my newest book, For the Love of My Father, I offer hope by allowing women to see, that despite how difficult it can be to grow up without a father, they can be made whole. It addresses men by assisting them in supporting women while on the healing journey to overcome the absence of a father. It is also intended to help men who were or are absent fathers, by providing insight, as well as perspective on their role, and the impact their absence has in their daughters’ lives.

"I can say without reservation that if the things I experienced were necessary for me to become the person I am today, I would not change anything."

A Greater Understanding of Life

This is a pivotal time in human history. We have mastered many aspects of our existence on the Planet, including agriculture, industry, technology, and much more, yet we still suffer. For me the missing link was Spiritual mastery. That is, coming into a greater understanding of myself as a Spiritual being, and what that means as a human living on the Planet.

This is why the subtitles of my books refer to the “Age of Spiritual Evolution”. This is a time when we are seeking something beyond the usual to help us live better, freer, more fulfilled lives, without the false beliefs and boundaries of the past. This, I believe is the “Age of Spiritual Evolution”

Once we have a real understanding of our Spiritual identity, we can have a better understanding of life on the Planet. One of the keys is to understand that our childhood experiences and traumas can lead to transforming us into greater humans and guide us to our life purpose.

Books by Olivia S. Benson

Book Cover Art By: www.sharonwalkerart.com

In For the Love of My Father, Olivia S. Benson journeys through some of the gut-wrenching childhood experiences that created a perfect storm of circumstances, leaving gaping holes in her Soul. Benson shares the keys to her healing, discussing how important it is for women to heal themselves so they can take their rightful place in the world.

At this time in human history, we seek answers more than ever about our existence and connection to the Universe. We seek answers beyond the traditional explanations based on all the knowledge we now have. She shares with us her process of finding answers through the challenges she experienced with work.

More About My Work

I have written two books, in what I consider to be a series. There will be at least a few more to follow. You will like my work if you are one of those people who thinks about life differently than most. My work will resonate with you if you are a person who marches to the beat of a different drummer, and who is ready to consider different possibilities for life on the Planet.

My newest book is For the Love of my Father. I wrote it for all of the girls around the world who suffer as the result of fatherlessness. Despite how difficult this life experience may be, the ultimate truth is that we are not just helpless, hapless victims. I also wrote it for the fathers who are willing to look at themselves and their relationships with their children. It is discussed in more detail below, and a sample is provided.

My first book is Answers From Within. This is a very important work for me because it took twenty years to finish and was written as I searched for answers to finding my place with my work in the world. It is also discussed in detail below, and a sample is also provided.

My style of writing is always intended to evoke thought. As a result, there are usually many questions in my writings. Every human is so unique we each have to find our own answers. The questions are intended to take you beyond just thinking, in to getting to know the Spiritual part of yourself. Making that contact was the way I found my answers and healed many of my challenges.

Additionally, I have a line of cups, t-shirts, and other items which are created based on the books. They each are intended to remind us of some truths which will help us with daily living.

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