This Book Provides a New Perspective on Finding Answers to Work Life Issues in the Age of Spiritual Evolution.

The author proposes humanity made its way through many phases of existence into this, the Age of Spiritual Evolution. We moved through prehistoric times before we recorded ‘stories’; into the Dark Ages; the Middle Ages; the Age of Enlightenment; the Agricultural Age; the Industrial Age; and the Technology/Computer Age.

At this time in human history, we seek answers more than ever about our existence and connection to the Universe. We seek answers beyond the traditional explanations based on all the knowledge we now have. She shares with us her process of finding answers through the challenges she experienced with work.

Book Testimonials

Here is What Readers are Saying!


The author drew inspiration for this book from what she describes as a very interesting Petri dish of experiences. That included her culture, family history, religious upbringing, and life experience. All of her experiences gave the author much to consider and eventually led to the writing of Answers From Within.


As we look around the world and see the turbulence in the world of work, we often wonder where the solutions will come from. With this book, she takes a look at some things we have kept in the dark for some time because of fear and shines a light on them. This undoing can create a new platform for our understanding of work, and the role it plays in our lives.

The Message

The book has a message for virtually everyone. If you are facing challenges finding the right job or work; if you are in transition with your job or work; if you are a woman facing the traditional challenges with work; if you are a man trying to find your place in the new work paradigm; if you are a parent; if you are homosexual; if you have a different gender expression; if you are a human of a discriminated or suppressed group; if you are a mature adult, there is a present in it for you.

Book Sample

After moving through a number of issues, we get to the understanding of work as a tool for self-actualization, and therefore a key to life on the Planet. This is true despite all of the beliefs, rules, and divisions we have created to make it appear differently.
The Time is Now

Change is the Only Constant and we are not Going Backwards!

The book is very timely because when we look at the world of work, we can only see one thing, and that is constant change. Work is so essential to our lives that understanding the changes, is key to our survival. After moving through a number of issues, we get to the understanding of work as a tool for self-actualization, and therefore a key to life on the Planet. This is true despite all of the beliefs, rules, and divisions we have created to make it appear differently.

Despite its title, the book does not provide the reader with the ultimate answers. Instead, the author tells about her process to help others do the same, and about what she found for herself. The book is experiential in that it asks many probing questions, and encourages the reader to take the time to contemplate things and find their own answers.

The questions are also intended to liberate us in our thinking. The world of today offers endless possibilities for everything, and we must be prepared for that. If we are not prepared to just think about something differently, then how can we be ready for a world without limits.

Yet, some of us are discouraged from even thinking about things differently, as though the act of thinking in and of itself is wrong, or dangerous. Thinking about things differently is just liberating, we ultimately decide what to do with our thoughts.

Olivia Benson, Attorney & Author discusses personal empowerment & her book “Answers From Within”
Olivia speaks about Answers From Within at Miami Book Fair
Twelve Nuggets

This is a selection of thoughts from each Chapter to consider as you read them.

Chapter One: Work is not a parenthesis in life for which we interrupt an otherwise pleasant experience.

Chapter Two: Life is mostly lived at work, and if we are not in “in joy” we are burning minutes on the clock of our lives.

Chapter Three: Everything that happens to us is the Universe providing a de facto education.

Chapter Four: We don’t have a concept or name for some of the work a child born today may be doing 20 years from now.

Chapter Five: The world doesn’t need and can’t support an unlimited number of system maintainers, it needs more innovators and creators.

Chapter Six: In human history, women have had no significant role in deciding when we go to war, even when in the majority, and even though they bear most of the responsibility for producing soldiers.

Chapter Seven: The Universe is consistent, and “creates” everything in spectrums and progressions.

Chapter Eight: When we talk about the loss of human potential, it is not just an abstract concept.

Chapter Nine: A woman can only Love a man more when he recognizes her right to exist fully; imposes no obstacles to her full self-expression, and supports her in her right to be all that she “came” to be.

Chapter Ten: Only humans are idea machines!

Chapter Eleven: If the Soul is timeless, then the Code it gets is timeless also.

Chapter Twelve: It is virtually impossible to be a full expression of what we are intended to be by being comfortable in sameness.

Answers From Within- The Poem

Dedicated to my son Errick S. Benson Peart

Am I simply the son or daughter
of a sperm and an egg?

Or am I a variation of the Universe
playing with Itself?

All different colors, shapes, and sizes,
each time surprising Itself!

Am I just my body? And what is that
music playing in my chest?

Where do I get the knowledge to
see what’s happening in my world?

I feel I am on a journey of discovery
from some unknown place in the
Universe to planet earth.

Heart, will you tell me what it is
I need to know?

Well my dear child, follow me, and I will
unlock for your own pleasure
the treasures held deep within.