Daddy Dearest – I Now Understand

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I now understand, you didn’t really understand the Truth about life.

I now understand, you didn’t really understand that in burying your head,

you were simply passing along your pain.

I now understand, the bullets you shot weren’t directed at me.

I now understand, the pain that you bore that made you a soul,

who couldn’t care for, love, and protect the fruit of his loins.

I now understand, that you were unable to give what you had never received.

I now understand, by all you endured, you saw where you went wrong,

and would never do the same all over again.

I’m grateful you survived whatever you did to engender us all,

to give us a chance to make sure another generation doesn’t suffer the same.

If no one has said, on behalf of the world, so sorry indeed that life was so mean.

I give you some gifts compassion and Love. They’ll lighten your load on Eternity’s road.

I love you Daddy and nothing you’ve done has ever changed that.