Decisions Decisions!

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Despite all physical appearances, every human, shares approximately 99% of the same DNA. Science has clarified and confirmed there is no such thing as different “races” of humans. “Race” as we use the term today is a fictitious concept created by humans for the purpose of dividing and establishing superiority. It is just one of the illusions we created and agreed to in order to justify our actions. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 8-Dividing and Conquering, The Irony of Humanity, Page 149, Book Link

We, Humans, Have Decisions to Make

We humans are hilarious.  If there are aliens watching us from outer space, they must be bending over in laughter. I am entertained, and sometimes disappointed by our insanity. I know the Americas, but when I visited Europe for the first time I saw more about how countries think of themselves as better than the other, and have a long list to explain it.

Even within countries like for example Spain, there are groups that feel themselves separate and better from the others, and seek to maintain that “separateness”.  Every country and group believing they are better than the other.  I haven’t visited the African, or Asian continents, as yet, but the discourse is generally the same; every country is better than the other, and within countries groups feel themselves better than others for one reason, or the other.

As far as humans and religion is concerned, although I consider myself a Christian, I am a great admirer of Buddhism, and Hinduism.  I know Christianity’s history of massacre, murder, and other atrocities. So, when I looked longingly over at those religions, there was a place in me that kind of looked at all the peace, love, meditation, and the writings in books such as the Bhagavad Gita, with admiration.

But, then, disappointment . . . . despite all the teachings of Hinduism, the majority religion in India, women are mistreated on multiple levels on a regular basis; colorism is a problem; and although they were once part of the same country Indians and Pakistanis generally dislike each other severely. My Buddhist illusion was shattered when Buddhist in Myanmar participated in the murder of Muslims. So it became even more clear that essentially, humans all around the world, are essentially the same.

Given all the information available about who we are genetically, despite appearances, it would seem we would reconsider our long-held way of living.  In my “Sameness” is “Safeness” blog I wrote about our survival based on appearances, and being able to spot differences quickly and easily.  Today, with all of the science and technology available, we now know we are 99% genetically the same, and our physical appearance is only 1% of who we are.  Maybe it is time for us to reconsider . . . .

In America and other places around the world, we see a great deal of “racist” behavior based in fear.  It is rooted in, “if you don’t look like me that is a problem—you are not in my tribe”. If I don’t dominate those who don’t look like me (the enemy), they will dominate me, take over, and do to me the same I did to them when I was in control.

Believe it, or not, this is reasonable behavior based on our current model of living on the Planet.  If we continue to operate under this model, there is no reason for any human to behave differently. By the way, as I like to say, there are no innocents; most humans around the Planet operate on this model. It will just be a continuous loop of changing positions as it has been through the ages.  But in this “Age of Spiritual Evolution” there is hope based on a new paradigm.

We are beginning to understand we are more than our physical bodies, and that the core of our identity is Spiritual. A recognition of this gives us a different paradigm for the world, where domination is not the only option.

Of course, this is a process. This is why we are always looking for the critical mass — the amount of people required to move into the direction of change. But despite the challenges of the moment, everything happening in the world is part of what is required for change.

In metaphysical teachings, it is said humans suffer because they “forget” their Divine Nature. That is, if we really understood ourselves to be more than our bodies, and lived understanding our Spiritual selves, we would not suffer as we do. This lack of understanding causes us to be stuck in a state of always seeking to prove we are “better than”.  We build our identity not on who we are Spiritually, but on feeling superior than others.

This is a false premise because it requires us to always have someone beneath us, and if there is no one beneath, we have no identity. Self-esteem is not built on holding others down; it is built on knowing who you really are inside. In the Age of Spiritual Evolution we will come to understand this concept. We won’t have to abuse anyone to have value.

The science is in, and it says there is one tribe—the human tribe.  So we have to decide whether we desire to continue in the endless loop of who is better than whom? Or, whether we are willing to evolve based on the information we have about each other and our Spiritual nature.

As crazy as we humans are, and as much as we have sought to divide ourselves from each other, I think it would be hilarious to watch ourselves, if there was ever an attack on the Planet from an outside force.  I bet we would snap into our senses, and learn to value each other for what we all have to offer.  Hopefully, we don’t have to wait for something like that to happen to move along in our evolutionary process.