Decisions Decisions!

Despite all physical appearances, every human, shares approximately 99% of the same DNA. Science has clarified and confirmed there is no such thing as different “races” of humans. “Race” as we use the term today is a fictitious concept created by humans for the purpose of dividing and establishing superiority. It is just one of […]

What is in “all”?

It is always funny to see how we behave when we see the “first” of a particular group of humans do something. We act as though it was a complete impossibility—a huge surprise. Nothing is impossible for GEFS (God Force Energy Spirit).  Some of us have lived in this thinking for so long it makes […]

What Covid-19 Taught us

What the Corona Virus Taught us About Work We must have a reason for being, and our work is at the core of it. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 2-Stop the World:  I Want to Get Off!, Page 27  Book Link Usually, I write about finding our gifts, talents, skills, and abilities, and using them to make a difference […]

Who is Olivia Benson?

We now know physical appearance is a very small part of who we are, and quite to the contrary, the varia­tions are, in fact, something to be valued and cherished. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 8-Dividing and Conquering!, The Energy Can Go Either Way, Page 172, Book Link Life always gives us opportunities to see where we […]

Thank You, Laura Coriss!

If Anyone Knows Laura Coriss, Please Tell Her I Said Thank You! From growing up as a Catholic school girl in Panama, to being a Jehovah’s Witness, living in the inner city of Washington D.C., and attending a fundamentalist Christian high school in Florida, I had a perspective of the world as a child that […]