What is in “all”?

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It is always funny to see how we behave when we see the “first” of a particular group of humans do something. We act as though it was a complete impossibility—a huge surprise. Nothing is impossible for GEFS (God Force Energy Spirit).  Some of us have lived in this thinking for so long it makes the news. It is news the “first” “Black,” “Hispanic,” “Asian,” etc. human did, or became something new and amazing. But if we know GEFS, and understand Its nature, we are not surprised about Its capacity to “create” anything. There will always be the “first” of some group, and then a breakthrough, because once we see the “first,” there is nothing to sustain the false theory, and the illu­sions must fail, and fall. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 8-Dividing and Conquering!, Page 159, Book Link

In my last article I said if there were aliens watching us, they would be rolling in laughter about things humans do. To that I add, they would be confused.

I was speaking to a family member who is of African descent about police officers. The idea was there is no reason to trust “them”.  I asked whether that applied to “all” police officers? I like to do that to keep my own mind straight, and make sure I’m not being hypothesized into generalizations. The response was unwavering.

As a person of African descent, living in America, I find it ironic that humans objecting to unquestionably “bad” and criminal behavior by some police officers targeting African Americans as a group,  can in turn generalize “bad” behavior to “all” police officers. “Don’t presume I’m bad because of the color of my skin, but I will presume you are bad because of your uniform”. Not that caution is not warranted, but this is irony at its best—human insanity.

When I was first trying to understand racism in America, and heard a “White” human say something about “Black” humans, meaning all “Blacks”, I would always ask myself if they were talking about anyone who had “black” skin in any part of the world; or whether there were any limits to what they were saying. I knew the racist stereotypes in America, were not true for all African Americans; and made even less sense as far as “Blacks”, in the rest of the American continent, the African, Asian, and Australian Continents, were concerned.  I knew if there was one “Black” that didn’t fit whatever the stereotype, then it failed.

If stereotyping “Blacks” is wrong, stereotyping police officers is wrong also. It makes no sense for “Blacks” or anyone else objecting to “bad” police behavior based on stereotypes, to respond by stereotyping them.  If this is the case nothing has changed, and we are just going around in circles. Ignorance breeding more ignorance.

Sometimes, I think we are mentally lazy.  That’s because it seems we believe it is easier to just group humans and deal with them in that way.  It is how the reptilian brain behaves.  It seems we think our brains will explode if we think, or use the word “some”.  Additionally, we are so asleep we complain about one group of humans doing it to us, but then we seem not to realize we are doing the exact same thing.

Last year, there was a Facebook conversation about abuses of the Chinese government against Muslims. A person who identified as Jewish was very much in support of their actions, and had nothing but derogatory things to say about Muslims. In the face of the vehemence, I asked a simple question:  “All of them?” The answer: “Yes!” This is why aliens would laugh.  We are continuously working to end anti-Semitism, with all the stereotypes, and ugliness attached.  Yet, there is a human who forgets how ironic it is to say “all” Muslims are “bad”, while fighting against stereotypes against “all” Jews.

Our mental sluggishness leads us to say things that make no sense and disrespect the nature of the Universe.  A Universe that has not repeated a single human, despite the shared DNA, not even once.  It is comical for example, to say all “Blacks” look alike, or all “Asians” look alike.  Saying it clearly shows a lack of knowledge about the world. For example, the “Black” Aborigines in Australia look different than other “Blacks” around the world.

When it comes to the statement all “Asians” look alike, it is clear this is based on a limited understanding of the world.  For example, Papua New Guinea, Israel, and India, are all part of the Asian continent, yet their citizens typically don’t “all” look alike.  And even among the countries with humans sharing similar features, if we are willing to really look, rather than just dehumanize, we will see they don’t “all” look alike.

We all have the capacity to pause and think about things more.  We have to be the change we seek. There is very little in the world that is absolute.  If I am a human who has been subject to “bad” behavior as a result of being classified as part of an “all”, I can’t seek to address that by doing the exact same thing.  If we continue to this, it is an endless loop, and it means we don’t understand the nature of the Universe.