Thank You, Laura Coriss!

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If Anyone Knows Laura Coriss, Please Tell Her I Said Thank You!

From growing up as a Catholic school girl in Panama, to being a Jehovah’s Witness, living in the inner city of Washington D.C., and attending a fundamentalist Christian high school in Florida, I had a perspective of the world as a child that is unimaginable to most. It made me learn to live with contradiction as a fact of human exis­tence and still have faith in GEFS (God Energy Force Spirit) and humanity. Despite all the ugly I saw, there were humans in every arena who were willing to help. – “Answers From Within” Chapter 12-In Th End, The Age of Spiritual Consciousness, Page 244, Book Link

Years ago, while studying at the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida, I needed a job close to campus.

I responded to an ad for a clerical job in an office in the nearby City of South Miami; spoke to a woman about it over the telephone; and after a brief conversation, an interview was scheduled. I paid a friend to drive me there and wait.  When I walked through the door, a heavy-set, short, “White” brown-haired woman came forward, essentially asking why I was there. I said I was there about the job.

In a very angry tone, she said: “There is no job”.  When I tried to explain I had called, etc., she angrily repeated it sternly, as she looked at me directly.  I was so stunned I couldn’t move.  Faced by her apparent intention for me to leave, I turned around and walked out.  I was so stunned and embarrassed I didn’t even tell the person waiting in the car what happened.  I was very young, innocent, and had only been in the United States for just over a year.  In an instant, my faith in humanity was shaken.

I did, however, keep my faith in God.  I had another ad, and when I got back to the car I asked my friend to take me to that place.  I walked into this office cold off the street and said I was responding to the ad.  They gave me an application to complete, and when I completed it, they called the supervisor to see me.

This was the executive office of a very high-end jewelry store, in Coral Gables, Florida.  As I sat waiting behind the glass and the security doors, I contemplated my earlier experience, and what might await.  A tall, blue-eyed, red-headed “White” woman walked into the interview room, with my application in hand. She asked all the usual questions, and shortly thereafter gave me instructions to take the polygraph exam required.  In a few weeks, I was employed with that company. Just like that my faith in God was affirmed and my faith in humanity was restored.

The woman who hired me was Laura Coriss.  She never knew what has happened to me just a couple of hours before I saw her that day; or what she did to restore my faith in humanity. I worked with that company until I graduated with my first degree from the University of Miami.  I have never seen her since I left that company, and despite the fact this happened many years ago, the memory of what a difference she made in my life flashes across my mind often.

I’d like her to know what happened that day, and to thank her for just seeing me for the human I am.

So, if anyone knows Laura Coriss, please tell her I said thank you!