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This Book Provides a New Perspective on Finding Answers to Work Life Issues in the Age of Spiritual Evolution.

The author proposes humanity made its way through many phases of existence into this, the Age of Spiritual Evolution. We moved through prehistoric times before we recorded ‘stories’; into the Dark Ages; the Middle Ages; the Age of Enlightenment; the Agricultural Age; the Industrial Age; and the Technology/Computer Age.

At this time in human history, we seek answers more than ever about our existence and connection to the Universe. We seek answers beyond the traditional explanations based on all the knowledge we now have. She shares with us her process of finding answers through the challenges she experienced with work.

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As a child, I was puzzled by my relationship with my father and his absence in my life. It took many years and much soul-searching for me to understand my life and how profoundly his absence affected me. I finally solved the puzzle when I began to understand the nature of the Universe, GEFS—God, Energy, Force, Spirit—, and how my suffering could serve for Good in my life.

In For the Love of My Father I journey through some of my gut-wrenching childhood experiences that created a perfect storm of circumstances, leaving gaping holes in my Soul. I share the keys to my healing and discuss how important it is for women to heal themselves so they can take their rightful place in the world.