Answers From Within: Answers to Work Life Issues in the Age of Spiritual Evolution

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“Answers From Within” is about finding real answers to the questions and challenges plaguing many of us about work. It presents different perspectives about everything we have believed thus far about our existence on the planet. It explains how beyond the age of technology and information, we are now moved into the age of Spiritual Evolution. Both tantalizing and provocative, this book offers alternative perspectives to practically every core belief about our existence on the planet. “I came to understand that not everyone was so concerned about happiness or joy; they just did what was necessary to make a living. And perhaps survival alone wasn’t enough anymore. What would make this existence worth it?”Summarizing much of the insanity surrounding the daily “rat race”; questions everything about how, why, and what we do as it relates to work and considers our ancient beliefs about work. “Ultimately, many of us need a good reason to spend our lives doing the work we do and pouring our existence into something; and if we don’t know why, life can seem meaningless, and be exhausting. We must have a reason for being, and our work is at the core of it.”


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