How I Learned to Feel About Father’s Day After Growing Up Without My Father

I learned to feel whole and I want you to learn to do the same. Read on to find my Father’s Day article just for you.

My Father’s Day Gift to You is A Gift For You To Give Yourself

Father’s Day is right around the corner. For some, it’s a special day, for others it’s a day of dread. I know how uncomfortable it can be on Father’s Day when you grew up without one. Others may celebrate, but some of us might not know exactly how to feel or what to do. We may even find ourselves caught up in anger and resentment on a day most families are celebrating.

You might be someone who feels this way if…

  • Your father was absent from your life by what seems to you, to be his choice to be absent;
  • Your father was absent because of what appeared to you, to be his bad choices;
  • Your father was absent although he was actually in your life but was “disengaged” or “unavailable” for whatever reason (“Bare Minimum Dad”);
  • You father was absent because he only showed-up as a “Holiday Dad” and/or a “Special Event Dad”;
  • Your father was absent because he was seriously ill during your young life and/or passed away;

Do any of these sound like your father?

Read on for my Five Keys to Healing for Father’s Day

My Father’s Day Gift to You is A Gift For You To Give Yourself

Before I give you my Five Keys to Healing for Father’s Day, I am sharing a video of my talk with author and motivational speaker, Dr. Herbert Harris. I believe there are some insights here that can help you get started on your journey to healing.

If your “Daddy Issues” run deep, and you think you need further insight into healing the wounds from your absent father experience, I wrote a whole book about it and perhaps reading through it can help you reach your breakthrough. My book, For the Love of My Father: A Spiritual Guide for Women Healing from the Absence of a Father in the Age of Spiritual Evolution is available now on Amazon. Click below to get it now with a special Father’s Day discount.

My own father fell into a few of the categories above. I can understand the heartbreak you might feel. The good news is that I learned to rid myself of the discomfort I always felt on Father’s Day, and you can do the same. Here is where you can begin.

Five Keys to Healing for Father’s Day:

  1. Acknowledge your father and your feelings about Father’s Day. Is there resentment, anger, fear, shame? Recognize and own them.
  2. Remember: how you are feeling and living now, is no longer about your father. Your life and feelings are now completely within your control.
  3. Understand and accept that your father’s mistreatment of you happened in the past; it is not happening now.
  4. Even if your father showed up today to make up for his past mistreatment of you, your healing is still up to you.
  5. Know that acceptance of your childhood circumstances has a spiritual aspect because it acknowledges something bigger than you and this can lead you to another spiritual aspect: forgiveness. Forgiveness is a total release of the entire painful experience, and your father himself, with the understanding that despite it all, it can serve for our highest Good.

I hope my Five Keys to Healing were helpful, but before we get to the article and the heart of your healing journey, it’s always good to have some inspiration to help you along the way. These mugs that you can use every day, offer great reminders to staying on the right course and to give you the inspiration to keep going.

Thank you for joining me this far. I know the journey won’t be easy but with the right frame of mind, the willingness to grow, and the power of forgiveness, you are on your way to making yourself whole. I hope the story I’m sharing can help you get to the place where you no longer dread Father’s Day and can instead use that day to celebrate all the good in your life and how far you’ve come. I wish you all the best. XO, Olivia.

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